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I received a call this morning from one of your best. I rarely ever contact an employee’s supervisor, but I feel that this morning's call was worthy of sending a letter.

Over the past 10 years, I have never been given any reason not to trust Konell's employees. Your crews have always been professional and trustworthy. When they say they will do something, it gets done -- every time. So, once again my faith in Konell Construction has been reinforced by one of your finest.

Thank you for hiring and training great employees!

Terrence G.

I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with most of the major earthwork contractors in our area at one time or another. This experience with the Konell team has been by far the best yet. My own crew has numerous times commented on how well Konell operates. Mike once again demonstrated his teamwork leadership abilities. He continues to have a positive attitude and has acquired skills to plan and execute the project. Mike has also shared from the very beginning his experience and professionalism in scheduling a complicated site work project.

Dave S.

We were particularly impressed with your firms’ commitment to safety and thoughtful pre-planning efforts. As an outcome, there were no recorded injuries during your phase of work and the work was completed ahead of schedule.

I also want to compliment Konell on its excellent recycling results. Recycling results in excess of 95% in demolition work is an impressive accomplishment.

Eric H

We have been inspired and impressed with the leadership and team work that Konell Construction has offered us while we were in the building phase of our space. Konell staff has brought technical and sound building advice and the suggestions have helped us problem solve some difficult negotiations with various inspectors and the building owner. The Konell team has worked well in teaching the youth that have joined the work days. This direct collaboration has helped several young people become job ready, have job skills, and manage life skills to be successful.

Ant Farm

Konell has and continues to provide a high level of professional service that I can confidently say is "best-in-industry" relative to their local competition. I've used other demolition companies in the past, but Konell is by far the best. I highly recommend you use them for all of your construction and demolition needs, I know I will!

Blain G.

It is my opinion that Konell Construction is the finest earthwork, utility and demolition contractor in our area. From pre-construction to close-out, Konell is a valued team member and asset to our construction projects. They have always provided quality work at a fair price, done safely and on time. Konell Construction & Demolition is a great value and exemplify quality contracting through customer service.

Tim P.

They all exemplify the true meaning of the words “partner” and “teamwork,” which are invaluable attributes to possess as contractors. The most notable differentiating factors that I have observed about Konell Construction are that they are solution-oriented in how they approach project challenges and that they approach every project relationship with the highest marks of honesty, integrity and professionalism. I have yet to meet anyone at any level of Konell Construction that does not exemplify those same attributes that make them such a pleasure to work with.

Ricardo B.

I would like you to know that I appreciate all the hard work and extra time that Mike and his crew has put into the parking lot to make it look so good and getting it done on time. It’s getting harder and harder to find people who take pride in their work and make the extra effort. This is a trait that I have seen throughout Konell and it’s been my pleasure to work with you guys.

Jack J.

I am happy to say that in the 30 years of experience I have here at Hoffman, I can honestly say that Konell comes with the highest recommendation I can give. From their preconstruction efforts to work performance and overall project management approach, I have not worked with a better firm. We are happy to say that Konell delivered their scope of work ahead of schedule and on a budget. I do not think we would have made the aggressive schedule without their efforts.

Cary B.